Or, how the new Aperture 3 and a lack of time spent with my camera is making me go back over older photos.

Our Honeymoon photos have been getting a recent work-over. Jenny would like some prints on our walls (currently somewhat barren), and I’ve been exploring several of the processing presets in Aperture. Mixing and matching works wonders. My favorites to mix have been the “Toy Camera” and black-and-white settings, with some tweaks.

“Toy Camera” gives such saturation and contrast. Mix that with a B&W conversion color filter, and it often gives some punch to the image that the straight B&W wouldn’t give.

Hopefully work and life will settle a bit, and I’ll get some chances to bring the camera out for more new pictures soon. We’re also hoping to take some vacation soon and get to the Minnesota North Shore to catch some spring. Before it turns into summer (which, given this winter/spring, will be sooner than we’d like to think).