After years of travelling to the Island State, my parents invited my brother and Jenny and I to travel there this January. We just got back — we’re not yet recovered from jetlag — and we had a great trip! Except for my parents, it was our first time. We spent a day in O’ahu to see Pearl Harbor, then travelled to the Big Island to spend the week.

We saw a lot of the island (although by no means everything), some beautiful scenery, and it went by much too fast!

I took the same camera gear as for our Honeymoon (17-40, 50, and 70-200 lenses), and bought a brand-new B+W XSPro MRC Slim UV filter for the 17-40. While picking up my bag while in Honolulu, the bag strap caught on the chair and caused the bag to slip… Upon landing on the Big Island I went to change from the 50mm that had been on the camera since leaving Pearl Harbor, and heard in the 17-40 the crinkle of shards of glass!

Luckily it was only the new UV filter — when the camera bag dropped, the lens cap squeezed into the filter threads and compressed one side of the filter, shattering one side. The lens cap on the 70-200 also suffered a similar fate, but without the thin filter threads didn’t touch the glass.

With a little cleaning, the 17-40 lens element appeared to be alright and scratch-free. A visit to the local camera store in Kona found a Kenko UV filter that would suffice to protect the lens until a new B+W filter can be acquired!

So after a little scare, the camera gear worked well for the remainder of the trip!