We’ve returned from our 2010 Door County expedition, and somewhat acclimated back to life. I’ve been reviewing photos from Door County. I’ve far fewer from my 5D that I care much for this year, but that is probably directly related to the fact that I burned through more film over the week in the Rolleiflex than I’ve used film at any one time in over 10 years. IĀ got the developed rolls back from Universal Color on Friday.

I brought with about ten different rolls of film, some B&W and some color slide film. I ended up burning four (!) rolls during the week (the ProviaX did have several frames shot before the trip). One roll each of Kodak T-Max 400, Ilford PanF Plus 50, Fuji ProxiaX 400, and Fuji Velvia RVP 50.

Of the 48 frames, around 40 are probably usable! The Fujichrome I can already see the good results (great color and contrast visible), and from my inexperienced B&W eye, those shots look pretty decent, too. For having barely used the exposure meter and mostly relied upon the Sunny-16 rule, I’m very pleased!

Once I get a chance to get them scanned, I’ll definitely have film frames to post on the photoblog!