Hi all — or perhaps more correctly “some”, as nobody ever really read my old blog. The Nysaverse is dying, “goodbye cruel world” and all of that, whut!

Since I created the photoblog over two years ago, I never really felt like my old blog related to my photography site, which I update far more often. I somewhat frequently have rather long screeds about what’s going on in the daily photo, sometimes tangentially relates to my actual life, and figured someplace tied to the photoblog might be useful.

So I decided to make a move.

Complete with new look (and perhaps eventually I’ll make the Pixelpost and WordPress pages look alike), new layout (see previous parenthetical), and most decidedly an entirely new database. Meaning I’m not bothering to move the old blog and its postings.

So we’ll see how often I’ll actually update this blog — I’ve managed to keep the main www.mwyman.com page going for over two years now…