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After years of travelling to the Island State, my parents invited my brother and Jenny and I to travel there this January. We just got back — we’re not yet recovered from jetlag — and we had a great trip! Except for my parents, it was our first time. We spent a day in O’ahu to see Pearl Harbor, then travelled to the Big Island to spend the week. We saw a lot.. Read More

Finally the LP 621

When David Hobby mentioned the new LP621 months ago, it looked like a great tool to open new lighting positions into my repertoire. At its price point, it offered a great and cheap way to have almost directly overhead lighting, either for portraits or still-life, without me having to hold the flash. Well, after a mention like that from Hobby (aka. Strobist) MPEX immediately ran out of stock (the product was Slashdotted, you.. Read More

Door County, 2010

We’ve returned from our 2010 Door County expedition, and somewhat acclimated back to life. I’ve been reviewing photos from Door County. I’ve far fewer from my 5D that I care much for this year, but that is probably directly related to the fact that I burned through more film over the week in the Rolleiflex than I’ve used film at any one time in over 10 years. I got the developed rolls back from.. Read More

Photography Frolic

I’m not that much of a mountain biker. Point of fact, I haven’t had a mountain bike for several years. But when Tony suggested this past weekend’s mountain bike race as an opportunity to get out and shoot together, I jumped at the chance. I haven’t had too many chances to photograph people, and this also was a chance to try some new things for me – panning, etc. Tony was shooting the.. Read More

Holy Zeiss, Batman!

The Arboretum is a favorite photography haunt. Our recent busy weekends are not conducive to getting to the Arboretum, so we went this past Tuesday to make sure we didn’t miss the crabapple blossoms this year. Spring has come so early this year; the crabapples are normally blooming mid-May, but they’ve been out this entire past week. The blossoms were marvelous, and the fragrance was so intoxicating, that we had to drag ourselves away.. Read More

Spring at the Arboretum

Minnesota Spring has come early this year. This March, typically our snowiest month, was the first on record bereft of snowfall (or any precipitation at all). This winter had some early and heavy snows, and April brought some rain showers, so we’re probably in good shape water-wise. But with snow lacking from the ground for so long already, it’s been about time flowers are popping up. So we were pleased to get to the.. Read More

Re-living the past

Or, how the new Aperture 3 and a lack of time spent with my camera is making me go back over older photos. Our Honeymoon photos have been getting a recent work-over. Jenny would like some prints on our walls (currently somewhat barren), and I’ve been exploring several of the processing presets in Aperture. Mixing and matching works wonders. My favorites to mix have been the “Toy Camera” and black-and-white settings, with some.. Read More